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Wednesday, 28 june 2017



According to the work on the overhaul of the bridge across the river Esentai (Vesnovka) along the Abay avenue, the following changes will be made to the traffic scheme

26 june 2017
In Almaty, the II International Festival "Uly dala rukhy" - "The Spirit of the Great Steppe" was held in the picturesque foothills of Alatau
23 june 2017
The governor of Almaty discussed the main directions of cooperation with the UNICEF office’s head.
21 june 2017
The governor of Almaty met with the head of the European Bureau of the World Health Organization
21 june 2017
The construction of concrete structures has been completed on the channel of the Kargaly river and the adjacent territory is being landscaped
20 june 2017
Bauyrzhan Baibek held a reception of citizens in the public reception of the party "Nur Otan"
16 june 2017
The results of the contest among journalists have been summed up in Almaty "Myng Boyauli Kala – “The City of Thousands Colors"
16 june 2017
The governor of Almaty inspected the course of the city's road reconstruction infrastructure
15 june 2017
168 people have taken their keys for new apartments in the Athletic Village in Almaty
14 june 2017
An annual Alumni Festival "Zhas Tulek-2017" has been held in Almaty
14 june 2017
A number of streets will be reconstructed with the priority for pedestrians in Almaty
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