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Wednesday, 26 april 2017
21 april 2017
The realization of the State’s Head Address was discussed in Almaty.
21 april 2017
The main priority in the construction of buildings in Almaty should be the quality and the seismic resistance - B.Baibek
20 april 2017
The governor of Almaty has met with state ministers of Singapore
20 april 2017
Kazakhstan’s XVII International Exhibition "Tourism and Travel" has been opened in Almaty
20 april 2017
A project of the city’s youth support ’s road map has been represented In Almaty
15 april 2017
More than 180 thousand Almaty residents took part in the Public Saturday Day of the city
14 april 2017
N.A.Nazarbayev’s article "A look into the future: the modernization of public consciousness" has been discussed in the city
14 april 2017
The governor of Almaty city visited to a new center of public transport driver’s qualification
12 april 2017
The construction of first high-tech factory in the country producting the large-diameter steel pipes has started in Almaty
11 april 2017
The governor of Almaty has held an on-site meeting of the city road’s repair and an engineering communications
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