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Уважаемый Аким пожалуйста помогите получить квартиру по государственной программе, стою в очереди с 2008 года, управления жилья говорят ждите

Уведомление о платежеспособности Вами представлено 05.01.2011 года. Государственная программа жилищного строительства на 2008-2010 годы, завершена. Постановлением Правительства РК от 28 июня 2014 года за №728 утверждена Программа развития регионов до 2020 в которой предусмотрены следующие направления: 1. Жилье по линии ЖССБК: 1) для всех категорий населения; 2) для молодых семей. 2. АО «Ипотечная Организация «Казахстанская Ипотечная Компания» 1) арендное жилье с выкупом. 2) арендное жилье без выкупа. 3. Жилье АО «Фонд недвижимости «Самрук-Қазына» Прием заявлений и документов от очередников местного исполнительного органа будет осуществляться через веб-портал «электронного правительства» с даты объявления в средствах массовой информации: телеканал «Алматы», газеты «Вечерний Алматы», «Алматы акшамы» и посредством интернет-ресурсов на сайтах По направлениям Программы «Жилье по линии ЖССБК», «Жилье АО «ИО «КИК», «Жилье АО «Фонд недвижимости «Самрук-Қазына» предусматриваются участники: относящиеся к категории лиц, указанных в подпунктах 1-1), 2), 3) пункта 1 статьи 67 Закона, за исключением подпунктов 2), 4),10) статьи 68 Закона а именно: многодетные семьи; неполные семьи; семьи, имеющие или воспитывающие детей-инвалидов; дети-сироты, дети, оставшиеся без попечения родителей; оралманы; государственные служащие, военнослужащие, сотрудники специальных государственных органов, работники бюджетных организаций. Для участия в Программе Вам необходимо получить электронный ключ в Центре Обслуживания Населения (ЦОН) по месту регистрации (прописки).

12.04.2016 07:04



Dear Mayor, please have a look at Alatau district the snow is not cleaned up? We are paying taxes to get this kind of services on time. We believe that you will get prompt action as soon as possible? Thank you! Your citizen

By using the forces of the contractor carried out cleaning and road sanding with anti-icing materials after the snow on the streets of Alatau district. This issue is kept under control by specialists of the Alatau District Akim’s front office (tel:. 2998633).

17.02.2016 04:02



What is the department of the Municipality in charge of anti-terrorism preparation of the city of Almaty, especially the protection of public buildings against explosion and bomb blasts?

Аnti-terrorism preparation of the city of Almaty, especially the protection of public buildings against explosion and bomb blasts is in charge of the Internal Affairs Agencies which abides by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Concerning the Combating of Terrorism " (Articles 23-1) charged with enforcing the state control over the state of counter-terrorism security of objects vulnerable to terrorist respect regardless of ownership for compliance managers or other officials of the following facilities measures prescribed by Article 10-3 of the Law: 1) provision of pass control, fitting out of modern engineering and technical security equipment; 2) development based on the model of the certificate - anti-terrorism security certificate of objects entrusted to them; 3) preventive and training activities for staff training technique inspection of premises, bomb sweep, identifying possible places of planting an explosive devices; 4) Planning and development of joint actions with the interested state bodies and organizations to eliminate man-made threats that have arisen as a result of an act of terrorism; 5) The organization of protection of information networks provision of information security. By Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the local administration and local government in the Republic of Kazakhstan" (Article 27) within the competence of the Mayor’s office of the region, city of republican status, capital allocated to the development and approval in agreement with the authorities of the National Security

25.12.2015 02:12



Question: when is the apple fest in 2015?

Ответ: The annual traditional festival APPLE FEST-2015 will be held on September 20, 2015 from 10:00 to 18:00 in the Park of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. By tradition, the various thematic areas of the festival for Almaty residents and guests will be presented art exhibitions, concerts, dance floors, entertainment and attractions for children, food courts, and will be organized a real apple market where you can buy any sort of sweet symbol of the south capital of Kazakhstan, including "Oporto", "Kandil," "Pineapple" and "Kymbat." Detailed information you can find by number +7 (727) 2716592, as well as on the website

30.07.2015 02:07



Question: Dear Sirs, Please tell me the current status and expected opening of the Almaty Light Rail. We want to cover it in our magazine Global Mass Transit, Thank you.

Ответ: Under the frame of Almaty city transport infrastructure development , the Almaty city administration together with JSC " Almaty Development Center " and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is working on the realization of the concession project "Construction of the line of lightweight transport in the city of Almaty." LWT in Almaty will connect the west with center of the city. Throughout the route is 22.9 kilometers. Route LWT in Almaty will be held as follows: West Bus Station (north district "Kalkaman") - Raiymbek Ave.- Momyshuly Street - Tole by Street - Panfilov Street - Makatayev Street and Zhetysu Street. In 2014, we developed a feasibility study of the project. In 2015, work will be undertaken with international consultants for the preparation of tender documents for the tender to perform the detailed design (DED).

20.05.2015 05:05



Question: Can you please tell me how I can get some Almaty 2022 Candidate City pins for my three children? Best of luck with your bid; this would be just great for your country. Thank you for your time today.

Ответ: Almaty really handed over the application form on holding the Winter Olympic Games - 2022, and a city choice - the candidate is planned by the IOC for June, 2014. In this regard, advertizing production including badges weren't made yet.

28.03.2014 10:03



Question: Dear Sirs, I would like to get in contact with Alma Ata Park Management. I would be very glad if you can provide name/Tel/e-mal adres of responsibel Manager. Thank you in advance and best reagrds Eicke Johnsen

Аnswer: In Almaty city Administration the questions of parks’ keeping managed by Department of redevelopment and natural recources - tel. 272 54 87 (reception).

Department of culture works with parks’ concept, content and partnership relations - tel. 271 65 34 (specialist Katherina),;

03.09.2013 08:09



Question: Our company is a major manufacturer of polished diamonds. I am looking for high level retail shops for jewellery and diamond dealers. Do you have any advise? Herbert Markus

Answer: I can’t give you information about jewellery retail shops, you need to contact with them by yourself. But I can give you link

Here you can find some dealers and retail shops for jewellery.

22.07.2013 12:07



Question: Hello. Could you please send me the names of 5 largest foundries, steel mills or iron works - plants in Almaty or nearby. Thank you in advance. Urska from Slovenia.

Answer: There are no steel foundries in Almaty.

Manufacturers of metal products are:

1. “Kazferrostal” LLP

2. Branch of “UPTK” of CJSC “MAK Almatygorstroy”

3. “Alprof” LLP

4. JSC AKPO “Modul”

5. JSC JV “Belkamit”

18.06.2013 02:06


Tim Henderson USA

Question: Dear Mayor, I have been to Almaty 7 years ago. Your city needs more buses, or a Metro System. Bishkek has to many taxi drivers. Someone could rent a house for 7 drivers no alcohol. For a 2 or 3 week time period. The drivers could make money and go home. A new group of drivers would come in. Your people are fighting every day to get on an old bus. This might work for both Cities? Thank You Sir.

Answer: In order to improve public transport, akimat of Almaty carries out work on development of passenger traffic. Last year within rolling stock renovation of Almaty passenger transport, the municipal bus fleet with new 200 buses, that run on compressed natural gas and meets Euro-3 requirements was opened. Private bus fleets purchased 185 buses, total 385 new buses, that are a part of all passenger transport of the city.

In the second half of 2013 it is planned to open the 2nd municipal fleet and to buy 200 more buses and as much a taxi. Also one line of the subway with 7 structures of cars daily work. Management of passenger transport undertakes measures to build light rail for further development of city public transport. Nowadays there some works on construction of two more stations of Almaty subway which will be put in operation in 2014 are conducted.

18.06.2013 02:06

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