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Summary of information on Kazakhstan People Assembly

Kazakhstan People Assembly was established according to the Decree of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev of 1 March 1995 as advisory -consultative body.

Aims and objectives of Assembly, structure, work organization and main directions of activity are determined in Provision on Kazakhstan People Assembly and approved by President of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 26 April 2002 No 856.

Activity of Assembly is aimed at solution of following tasks:

- promotion of stability of interethnic and inter-confessional consent, stability in the society;

- working out of proposals on holding state policy which was promoting development of friendly relation among representatives of nations having lived at the territory of Kazakhstan;

-formation of political culture of citizens, basing on civilized and democratic norms;

- quest for a compromise for solution of social contradictions.

The first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is life-long Chairman of Assembly. The Chairman of Assembly determines and approves main directions of Assembly activity. The Chairman of Assembly has two deputies.

The staff of Assembly is formed from among the representatives of state bodies, national-cultural and other social associations. At present Assembly has 350 members.

Working body of Assembly is Secretariat, forming part of Administration of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For the last ten years Kazakhstan People Assembly became as authoritative institutional setting of interethnic relation harmonization.

More than 100 national and 170 weekend schools work in the country where 23 native languages have been teaching. 29 divisions on teaching of 12 native languages work in three schools of national. The Government of the country allocates KZT 12 million for finance support of these schools. Besides, assistance is rendered from local budget for them.

Four republican and fifteen regional nation newspapers are published and six national theatres work (Kazakh, Russian, German, Korean, Uzbek, Uigur) in Kazakhstan.

A few score of new books of ethnic group languages are annually published. Massive public holidays Nauryz, Maslenitsa, Rozhdestvo and others become traditional.

The activity of Assembly promotes the growth of international authority of Kazakhstan as the country can effectively solving the problems of interethnic relations.

Contribution of Assembly is worthily assessed at high level. General Secretary United Nations Organization, Kofi Annan said Kazakhstan is a model of interethnic concord, stable and sustainable development for other countries of the world. And also Ioannes Paulus PPII who visited Kazakhstan spoke highly of Kazakhstan people.

Membership of Little Assembly of Kazakhstan in Almaty


Esimov Akhmetzhan Smagulovich

Chairman of Little Assembly of Kazakhstan people, Akim of the city


Garev Rauf Akhmatovich

Chairman of Public Association (PA) «The Almaty tatar public cultural centre»


Abubekerova Zukhra Hakimovna

Chairman of Public Association (PA)«The Dungan cultural center»


Kasimov Kazakhbai Tashtemirovic

Chairman of Turkish cultural centre


Kosmeridi Spiridion Geogevich

Chairman of Public Association (PA ) «The Greeks’ society Eos»


Lymarenko Valentin Pavlovich

Chairman of Public Association (PA) «The Ukrainian cultural centre»


Lukashev Vsevolod Anatolevich

Chairman of The Russian cultural center


Mamedov Nazir Gashim- ogly

Chairman of Public Association (PA) «Society of the Azerbaijani Ozan»


Mamoshina Raisa Mandzheevna

Chairman of Public Association (PA) «The Kalmyk cultural centre «Bumba»


Orazalin Nurlan Myrkasymovich

First Secretary of Kazakhstan Writers Guild Board


Pavlovsky Alexander Victorovich

Chairman of Public Association (PA) «Polish cultural –educational society «Venz»


Papp Alexander Adalbertovich

Chairman of Public Association (PA) «he Hungarian cultural centre»


Smirnov Alexander Borisovich

Chairman of Public Association (PA) «National-cultural centre «Suomi» (Karelian-finnic)


Tabev Komunar Turdakhunovich

Head of Secretariat of Little Assembly of Almaty


Uvaisov Mussanip Ziyaudinovich

Chairman of Public Association (PA ) «The Darestanian cultural centre»


Ushurov Abdulam Abdulkadyrovich

Chairman of Public Association (PA)«The Uigur cultural centre of Almaty»


Hazhaliev Abu-Kasym Aidrusovich

Chairman of Public Association (PA) «Public-cultural centre «Daimohk» (chechen-ingush)


Hodzhaev Zhurakul Radzhabovich

Chairman of the Uzbek cultural centre


Sharipov Ismagil Lutfulovich

Chairman of Public Association (PA) «Centre of humanitarian development «Ildash» (the tatars)


Shin Bronislav Sergevich

Chairman of Public Association (PA) «The Almaty Korean national centre»


Ezau Victor Aronovich

Chairman of Public Association (PA) «The German cultural centre of Almaty»

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