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Information about transport infrastructure of Almaty

24 carriers and «Almatyelectrotrans» State Enterprise that numbers 2000 buses, 46 trams, 191 trolley buses are engaged in transportation of passengers and goods in Almaty.

Route network of Almaty includes 131 routes, 119 of them are bus routes, 10 are trolleybus and 2 are tram routes with 1884 buses, 28 trams, and 114 trolley buses. 4 new routes are opened in 2009: route №16 of trolleybus park №1 and bus routes № 15, 18 and 122.

98 new buses and 72 buses from the second market have been bought due to own means of carriers with a view of updating of rolling stock.

Taxi transportation in the city is carried out by 9 carriers with 487 vehicles. All taxicabs are equipped with radio communication, and 105 of them are refueled by gas.

As the result of the conducted work for 9 months 2009 passenger transportation has been increased by 101,6 % that makes 2308 million people who travel by:

- bus - 1678 million passengers.

- electric transport - 12 million passengers.

- taxi - 486 million passengers.

Raid check ups are conducted regularly to control the work of city transports. 28 spot-checks have been carried out from the beginning of this year, including two spot-checks have been conducted with participation of representatives of mass media. 4220 infringements were revealed during spot-checks: 4102 infringements of Traffic Rules, 33 infringements of tax law, 67 infringements of Rules of transportation of passengers and goods.

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