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Friday, 18 january 2019

Article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev “Seven Facets of the Great Steppe”


15 january 2019
In Almaty, Esentai river’s bank protection is being done to prevent emergencies
11 january 2019
First police front offices have been opened in Almaty
27 december 2018
"Gagarin" appeared on one of the shops of Almaty
27 december 2018
One more bus route is being renewed in Almaty
27 december 2018
A chief architect has been appointed in Almaty
26 december 2018
The first state art gallery “Almaty Gallery” opened in the center of Almaty
24 december 2018
In Almaty, more than 200 children from orphanages took part in the presidential new year tree
21 december 2018
Railway stations "Almaty-1" and "Almaty-2" will be given to the municipal property of the city
19 december 2018
In Almaty, energy saving lighting will installed on 200 streets
16 december 2018
The solemn laying of flowers took place at the Monument of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty
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