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Friday, 22 june 2018

Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness


20 june 2018
Bauyrzhan Baibek met with Almaty’s start-up companies’ representatives
19 june 2018
Almaty has built a new high-tech Japanese plant, which has no analogue in the CIS
18 june 2018
Annual graduate’s festival "Zhas Tulek-2018" was held in Almaty
16 june 2018
The governor of Almaty congratulated the doctors on the Medical Worker Day
14 june 2018
France will bring "Digital autumn" to Almaty
13 june 2018
Almaty Hippodrome and "Sayran" bus station are included in the preliminary list of historical and cultural heritage sites
13 june 2018
The governor of Almaty met with the Ambassador of Russia in Kazakhstan
12 june 2018
More than 130 thousand foreign tourists visited Almaty in this year
08 june 2018
The executive committee of Almaty and UNICEF signed a memorandum on the support of children and youth of the city
07 june 2018
There will be a high-speed bus corridor in densely populated districts of Almaty
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