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We continue to publish your questions to akim of the Almaty city and answers to them.


In one letter only one question must be contained, otherwise the editorial staff of site leaves after itself the right of its remove from the data base. This measure is accepted for purposes of the guarantee of effectiveness of the preparation of answers to questions.
The question is not a formal request in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On order of consideration of appeals of natural and legal persons"

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Question to Akim
Question: Уважаемый Аким пожалуйста помогите получить квартиру по государственной программе, стою в очереди с 2008 года, управления жилья говорят ждите
Question: Dear Mayor, please have a look at Alatau district the snow is not cleaned up? We are paying taxes to get this kind of services on time. We believe that you will get prompt action as soon as possible? Thank you! Your citizen
Question: What is the department of the Municipality in charge of anti-terrorism preparation of the city of Almaty, especially the protection of public buildings against explosion and bomb blasts?

Question: when is the apple fest in 2015?


Question: Dear Sirs, Please tell me the current status and expected opening of the Almaty Light Rail. We want to cover it in our magazine Global Mass Transit, www.globalmasstransit.net. Thank you.


Question: Can you please tell me how I can get some Almaty 2022 Candidate City pins for my three children? Best of luck with your bid; this would be just great for your country. Thank you for your time today.


Question: Dear Sirs, I would like to get in contact with Alma Ata Park Management. I would be very glad if you can provide name/Tel/e-mal adres of responsibel Manager. Thank you in advance and best reagrds Eicke Johnsen


Question: Our company is a major manufacturer of polished diamonds. I am looking for high level retail shops for jewellery and diamond dealers. Do you have any advise? Herbert Markus


Question: Hello. Could you please send me the names of 5 largest foundries, steel mills or iron works - plants in Almaty or nearby. Thank you in advance. Urska from Slovenia.

Tim Henderson USA

Question: Dear Mayor, I have been to Almaty 7 years ago. Your city needs more buses, or a Metro System. Bishkek has to many taxi drivers. Someone could rent a house for 7 drivers no alcohol. For a 2 or 3 week time period. The drivers could make money and go home. A new group of drivers would come in. Your people are fighting every day to get on an old bus. This might work for both Cities? Thank You Sir.

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