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Wednesday, 2 december 2020
Society / Youth practice

Youth practice is a kind of labor activity which is carried out by the graduates of educational organizations realiz ing educational programs of technical and professional, post-secondary, higher and postgraduate education, with the purpose of acquiring the initial experience in the profession ( specialization ) obtained.

Youth practice - is organized by providing or creating temporary jobs and has the following features:

1) the youth practice is designed specially for graduates to receive their first profession al experience within 3 years;

2) the participant ’ s salaries in youth practice are paid by the republican or by the local budgets, and also its from the sources which are not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

3) the number of jobs is not limited, the work is temporary and permanent jobs and vacancies are not used for its organization.

Payment and duration of youth practice

• Salary funding of youth practice’s participants among the graduates is no more than 6 months within three years.

• The amount of individual’s salary paid by the republican budget is 25 MCI per month for youth practice (including taxes, compulsary social contributions, compensation for unused vacation and banking services), not including the payments for environmental allowances.

 The unemployed should write an application to the employment centers to participate in youth practice with the following documents:

1) a copy of the identity document;

2) a copy of the work record card (if available);

3) a copy of the document confirming the availability of technical and professional, post-secondary, higher and postgraduate education


Regional department’s employment center’s coordinates

Alatau region

md. Shanyrak, 2, st.Zhankozha batyr, 26


Zhetysu region

St. Makatayev,142, corner. st. Seyfullin

Tel.: 279-95-37, 279-82-29, 233-50-39

Auezov region

md.3, corner. Abay 41 b, corner st. Saiyn

tel:276-90-32, 276-89-30

Almaly region

st.Makatayev,117B, corner. st.Masanshy


Medeu region

st.Tole biy,12, cornor. st.Kaldayakov

tel:. 291-75-04

Nauryzbay region

md. Tausamaly,

st.Kunaev, 1 а

tel. 279-43-83

Bostandyk region

st.Zhandosova, 2, corner. st.Baizakov

tel.392-15-80, 392-15-79

Turksib region

st.Richard Zorge 18, corner. st.Sholokhov

Tel . 247-00-32, 223-68-13

The Almaty city’s employment center

st. Makatayev, 117, corner.st. Masanshy, liter А

tel. 279-03-91

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