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Wednesday, 2 december 2020
Society / Issues risen in the reporting meetings of the governors of the almaty city in front of the population

Information about the issues risen during the reporting meeting of executive committee of the Almaty city before the population in 2017

A total of 45 meetings were held, incl. the governor of the Almaty city - 1, the governors of the districts of Almaty city - 44. In total 16851 people took part in the accounting meetings.

Online broadcasts - 5 (Facebook (3), Periscope, "Almaty" TV channel).

Publications in the media - 423 (TV, Internet resources, printed publications).

In general, 1,172 questions were asked during the reporting meetings, of which 433 were immediately clarified by the governors.

In general, the greatest number of issues - 269 (or 23%) concerned problems of improvement and sanitary cleaning of territories: repair and improvement of intra-forest territories, garbage disposal, etc .; 144 (12%) - the work of passenger transport: changing routes, updating rolling stock, quality of service, etc .; 127 (11%) - gas, electricity, water supply, sewerage: conducting, connection, etc .; 100 (9%) - repair of motor roads; 83 (7%) - activities of theCOA: collection of utility payments, incl. the maintenance of housing stock, organizational questions for the managers of COA

During the reporting meeting of the governor of Almaty, 25 questions were asked, explanations were given for 9of them directly during the meeting by the governor of the city.

175 questions were asked in the notes by citizens which were sent in the established order for consideration and provision of answers to the applicants.

During the reporting meeting of the city governor , 74 people were addressed the call-center, which asked 100 questions: 23 on passenger transport, 20 on highways, 13 on landscaping and sanitation, 9 on COA activities, 7 on demolition of housing , including dilapidated, 5 gas, electricity, water supply and sewerage, 4 - social protection of the population, 4 - concerning law and order in the city, 3 issues related to health and land use, 2 questions - concerning housing and agriculture , On 1 issue - was set for the board of physical culture and sports, education, service, environmental management and architectural and construction control.

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